Arlette M.  (Tampa, FL)

I loooooove central cab! They always help me on my bookings everyday! I really appreciate how the guys who answer the phone are soooo nice! And gentle!!! Anytime I call, they respond and they have the car I need!!!

Thank you guys! You are awesome!

   Sandra G. (Kitty Hawk, NC)

We had a great experience with Gladimir who drives for Central Cab Company. He was friendly and his car was well maintained. I would highly recommend using Central Cab Company for your next cab ride.

   Anita G.  (Miami Beach, FL)

Central Cab is THE cab to call while in South Beach and they will be as reliable and punctual according to how busy the city is. Nobody is perfect. If the city is packed you do have to wait ages and call and call and wait but if not they will be there in a jiffy! And all the drivers are very smart and just! Great local cab company.

   Peter H.  (San Diego, CA)

At the recommendation of my building’s staff, I called Central Cab for my transportation needs to Miami International Airport.  Ever since the first recommendation I use them time and time again with reliable results.  The phone operators are warm, friendly and thank you for your business.  Their cabs also take credit cards (something I am used to being from Chicago).  The night before an early flight I call ahead of time and the cab is waiting downstairs in the early morning.

I would highly recommend them.

   Michael G.  (Miami, FL)

My family booked the cab for a trip to MIA airport. They were early and we had a smooth comfortable ride. The four of us arrived safely and on time to make our flight.
I would use again. Love the fact that they are local and have been around in South Beach for many years!